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Princeton Train Station

  • Date: November 2010 Location: Princeton, New Jersey Project Description: Conceptual Design and Preliminary Programming

    The Dinky is the train that links Princeton, NJ to the main rail line that runs between Trenton, NJ and New York City. Located at the edge of Princeton University's campus, and about 2,000 feet from downtown Princeton, the Dinky is an important community connection to the major cities of the area. In order to maintain the station's existing location and allow for a clean and safe connection with the universities proposed arts district, JZA+D came up with a proposal to allow the train's terminus to remain in its current location and keep it within walking distance of downtown. The station design works with other community proposals and pushes the train underground for the last few hundred feet of its path, freeing the ground for pedestrian connections across the tracks and linking the university to the proposed Center for the Arts. The terminus remains at the same location, due to the difference in grade. The new station sits within an opening of the ground, would provide a connection to the new underground arts forum, and allows for future expansion or conversion to lite rail.