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The Bourbon Room

  • Date: June 2012 Location: Las Vegas, Nevada Project Description: Architecture and Interior Design

    The Bourbon Room, a new bar and nightclub venue at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, is inspired by the legendary Sunset Strip nightclub that serves as a setting for the hit musical "Rock of Ages." The show had recently opened in the Venetian, and the hotel decided to revive a neglected lounge area by tying in the 80's rock theme. The down-to-earth thematic approach JZA+D utilized matches the vibe of the show by achieving an environment that evokes the 1980s-era theme without being a carbon copy of the sets. The resulting interior is a "backstage-meets-back-alley" concept that is evocative of the show, but stands on its own. JZA+D designed all of the furniture, including guitar-pick-shaped tables and chairs made with faux leather and metal studs, to reinforce the interior concept and recall the fashion of the era.