Alexandra Nita


Alexandra is a visual designer who brings her expertise in graphic, product and industrial design, and passion for visual branding, to the JZA+D team. Alex’s critical eye brings a sense of proportion and graphics to all of JZA+D’s presentations. Alex directs all visual assets related to client branding, social media collateral, website design, photo shoot styling, and marketing material development. Alex is currently improving JZA+D’s social media footprint and expanding our presence in the digital realm. Alex earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Design from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and Master’s Degree from Domus Academy in Milan, Italy.

At JZA+D Alex runs all digital platforms and incorporates her visual flair into proposals and visual collateral. She enjoys bringing a ‘360’ approach to all projects, ensuring exceptional quality from start to finish. In her spare time Alex loves to watercolor paint, roller blade and play volleyball.