Shuoqi Xiong

Architectural Designer 

Shuoqi is an Architectural Designer at JZA+D. With a degree from the University of Pennsylvania’s Weitzman School of Design, he has worked on a variety of projects for JZA+D including The Venetian Resort-Casino in Las Vegas, the headquarters of MedAvante ProPhase in Princeton, N.J., and various Mack-Cali corporate projects. Shuoqi also has a Bachelor’s of Engineering in Architecture from Shanghai Fine Art College in Shanghai, China.

Shuoqi brings a strong sense of architectural design and composition to the JZA+D aided by his advanced computer skills in modeling and rendering in a myriad of programs. Shuoqi has a passion for implementing parametric design into his work. When Shuoqi isn’t working at JZA+D he loves playing guitar and photographing.