The Meeting House

Architecture, Interior Design
Princeton, NJ

Following its recent opening, a buzzworthy Princeton restaurant recently appeared in New Jersey Monthly’s annual list of the 30 best new restaurants in New Jersey. 

The team enlisted local integrated design firm JZA+D as the architect for the project to help transform the space, making it a brighter and more spacious atmosphere with a vibrant offering of seasonal American fare. The result is one of Princeton’s most up-and-coming destinations for locals and visiting “foodies” alike, offering refined cuisine in a casual, stylish setting that exudes the concept and feeling of a bright and elegant home.

The strategy for transforming the restaurant space started with closing off the kitchen, to create a more relaxed and less noisy area. JZA+D devised a plan for introducing a wall to serve as a muted backdrop to the bar feature.

The design concept called for a brighter and airier space, leading the team to opt for an open ceiling with light-colored finishes overhead. Natural daylight is abundant and street views of Downtown Princeton are available through the full-height glass walls. Patrons eat and chat seated at traditional wood tables, chairs and banquettes in a cozy ambiance charmingly illuminated by pendant fixtures and sconces.

The design concept also called for relocating the entrance from the side of the venue to the front, presenting a gracious arrival with simplified access to the dining room.

Project completed: December 2019