Rutgers Camden Welcome Center

Interior Design
Camden, NJ

The new, branded Welcome Center for the Camden Campus houses the Office of Admissions within an existing 2600-square-foot “whiteboxed” storefront space on the lobby floor of the student housing building at 330 Cooper Street. The completed design provides a dynamic yet flexible space as an impressive introduction for visitors to the Rutgers–Camden “brand”—notably, prospective students while also accommodating the Admissions Department’s operational requirements for the Center. The primary components of the converted space are: a reception/waiting area; a large presentation room for admissions info sessions; 3 interview rooms; and 3 restrooms.

The esthetic design of the Welcome Center has an open, non-boxy character with a high degree of transparency and a feeling of flowing space. The Center is designed to display the Rutgers–Camden identity in as many ways as possible, such as the school colors, imagery, and special objects: relevant artworks, historic artifacts, and other items that reflect both the University and the City of Camden, especially the historic district where 330 Cooper is located. With regard to sustainable design, the project is designed to the standards of LEED Silver.