Interior Design
Princeton, NJ

Hamilton Jewelers decided to renovate and refresh its retail space at 104 Nassau Street as a vintage jewelry showroom. The desired customer demographic is Generation Y and the Millennials, with a strong interest in vintage jewelry. The project goal was to create a modern interior with its own unique brand identity, to convey a youthful, up-to-date image. The design approach has created a setting with the feel of an rustic, industrial loft space, in which to display fine antique jewelry.

The designers incorporated a blend of traditional and modern materials, furnishings, and accessories. New faux white brick finish along one wall mimics the look of a stripped industrial loft. The new stone plank flooring is durable but has the look of distressed wood.

The central display table was scouted from antique shops, and other furnishings (display cases, chairs, work desk) were refinished and/or re-upholstered. Lighting fixtures include track spotlights and a jewel-like chandelier. The company owner’s old desk was lacquered in a complementary Prussian blue shade, as an accent color among the neutrals and warm woods. Old school-style bulletin board cabinets are re-used as wall-mounted display cases.

New exterior signage, lighting, and the refurbished interior all convey the message that “what’s old is new again.”