Nomad Pizza Princeton

Princeton, NJ

For the fourth location of this family of restaurants specializing in wood-fired pizzas, the owner selected a former Amoco gas station located at the Princeton Shopping Center. The existing structure has been retained, though it required extensive renovation including roof replacement, in order to be adaptively reused as a restaurant. However, the basic forms of the service station remain, and the “garage look” is still part of the restaurant’s casual charm, as intended by the restaurateur.

The previous garage doors have been replaced with new industrial storefronts. Additions to enclose the walk-in refrigerators and service areas, and some existing exterior walls, were clad in cedar siding, warming the look of this 1930s building. With sleek glass openings and cedar facing, new awnings, and a landscaped patio area that sparkles at night, this project has adapted a utilitarian structure from service station to food service, for patrons of fine pizza.

Project completed: 2016