WCG Princeton

Architectural + Interior Design
Princeton, NJ

New headquarters offices (for a global provider of regulatory and ethical review for biomedical research) convey a sense of permanence and sophistication, while simultaneously reflecting the client’s brand and culture of creativity. The company logo features hexagons representing molecular structure, so hexagons are featured prominently in the aesthetic motif of the headquarters design: in custom pendant lights, in wall-mounted art, and etched into translucent frosting on glass partitions. A lounge seating area surrounded by conference rooms incorporates dark walnut and marble trims to project permanence from within a hexagonal carpeted floor area, reflected above by a hex-shaped illuminated ceiling cove lined with matching wood trim. 

Throughout the gathering spaces, wall-mounted credenzas lit from underneath seem to float. The overall result is a high-end, sophisticated aesthetic that avoids the stuffy, traditional “law firm” look. Breakout spaces and lounge areas, a game room — with finishes and furniture reflecting the company’s blue-and-green palette — and a spacious kitchen open to adjacent dining seating, are all designed to encourage interaction among employees. A large training room (770 SF) is equipped with an audiovisual system, and the 500-SF boardroom has a large screen for teleconferencing.

Project completed: October 2015